About Scoreboard

What is Mortal Chess?

A chess tactics trainer that emphasizes learning tactical patterns, rather than just testing your ability to solve puzzles. Hopefully in a way that's fun for you.

How does it work?

Each level is a set of 15-20 puzzles. You unlock the next level when you can solve each puzzle quickly and without making any mistakes. The puzzles in each level cycle indefinitely, so take as long as you need to learn them.

How will this make me better at chess?

Improvement at chess involves (1) learning to recognize what to do in specific positions and (2) having FUN while learning. Through repetition, you learn patterns. Pattern recognition makes a master. Fun keeps you motivated.

What's with the timer on the right of the board?

It times how long you take to solve every puzzle in a level. As you continue playing each level, you'll become faster as you learn the solutions to the puzzles. You can use the timer to measure your progress.

I've got feedback or suggestions. How do I contact you?

Awesome! Send me an email at josh@positionleap.com

Anyways, enough questions! Go get started — Level 1